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Facebook and other forms of social networking has been largely debated by school on whether or not it school be allow in the classroom as a teaching tool.  On they list 100 different ways to use Facebook in the classroom. They list different applications (for students and ones that can be used by teachers), different ways to keep Facebook professional, the benefits, and different communication activities along with different class projects. This site gives simple ways of how to use Facebook.
            When looking for information on Facebook in the classroom I found a great slide show made by a student/teacher. I thought it was a awesome step by step run though of Facebook and how it can benefit a class. The link is provided if you would like to take a look at it.

            There are a lot of sites that list different applications for Facebook in the classroom. One even splits them up by teacher and students. Listing great tools that can be used by both. There are math resources, news and current events, book reviewing ,and great ways to stay organized.  I found this list on
            The video I found I believe is the best example out of all the site I found on how to use  Facebook in the class, this teacher got very creative on how she used Facebook, the student seem very interested and excited to use a program that they already use. CHECK IT OUT!!

Disadvantages of Facebook in Education
Facebook has recently received a lot of positive feedback for being used as an educational tool in education. It does have many potential uses such as acting as a means of communication between fellow students and teachers. However, many people are unaware of the negative affects that Facebook would have as a tool in the class room. Here is a list of just a few:
  • Privacy - Ok, so many people probably expected this to be a major concern. However, too much access to the teacher's life is accessible from a student's perspective when they are friends on Facebook. When a student can see everything a teacher posts, just one bad day can lead to a badly influenced or ill-advised post and be misconstrued from both sides. Likewise, a teacher can post something that they might think is funny or interesting and their students may understand it differently and misinterpret. Also, from a student's perspective, the student might see their teacher being a friend on Facebook as intrusive and invasive into their private lives.
  • Avoiding face to face contact - Using Facebook as an educational tool can lead students to avoid being physically social with their friends and peers. Being placed in front of a computer, in front of Facebook, more than the student already does can lead to even more isolation from the real world. This can lead to some students having issues with disengaging themselves from the computer to accomplish their everyday tasks, you know, like eating or brushing your teeth.

These are just a few reasons why Facebook should not be used in education. The following is a video of how Facebook is a BAD idea for use in the class room:

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