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This video is about F.E.R.P.A. A group of people go around asking students what F.E.R.P.A. is and none of them know. Once they go to someone working inside of a school to ask the students remember what it is. This relates to privacy because it is the privacy rule that is for students. Which every student should be aware of their rights. It was made to bring awareness to students and their rights.

It was written by Arizona Student Union and it is very reliable and accurate. It is up to date because that law has not changed.

My impression is of this video is that it is good to help students be aware of their rights and making a video like this really does help to understand our rights!

This resource is about the laws that have been enacted to protect teachers and students privacy. This website says a numerous of things about our topic some of those are, there are tips to help keep your computer safe by encrpying your email and clearing your computers memory. It gives hints on tatalking to your children about giving private information about themselves. This website is used for giving the rights to parents, students, and teachers on their privacy. It was written because consumer privacy guide believe that to assure the privacy of their personal information, consumers must have the protection provided by basic law.

This website is written and supported by many organizations some of those are Call For Action, Inc., Common Cause, Consumer Action, and The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. The information they put on here is accurate and the have articles that are posted all the way from 1974 to 2000. It is up to date on information for this topic.

Our stand on this website is that it is very user friendly. We see the importance of privacy for teachers and students and this website helps to ensure that protecting their rights is easy for them.

This video is about how to use twitter in the classroom and keep their profiles private and safe. It talks about how effective this tool is and ensuring the privacy of your students is important as a teacher and important for the parents to know.

It was written by a teacher who has used twitter in the classroom and he wanted to make sure that teachers know how to ensure the privacy of their students. It is accurate because he goes through twitter and shows how ti make the profiles private.It is up to date as well.

My impression of this video is that is so helpful! I think using twitter in the classroom could be such an awesome tool and to ensure the safety of my students would be my number one concern and twitter allows for the profiles to be kept completely private.

*The website is from the National Cyber Security Alliance to educate parents, students, teachers and businesses how to stay safe while using the world wide web. The website is very user friendly and includes lesson plans for teachers about such topics as cyber bullying and online gaming. The NCSA's mission in creating this site is to help empower the general public about the threats that exist on the internet and they do that by showing many resources that can be utilized to stay safe on the internet.

The National Cyber Security Alliance is a non-profit organization that works with Homeland Security and founding sponsors such as Cisco and Microsoft, to promote awareness of internet safety. The website is updated on a regular basis with new information via it's blog.

I feel this website has a ton of knowledge that can be used in order to keep our home, school and work computers safe while using the internet. Not only does the site have a resource library with videos users can view, it also has a list of computer security vendors that do Free Security Check-ups. I am also quite impressed that they are actively promoting education to students by giving teachers lesson plans they can implement into their own classrooms.

Other information about the National Cyber Security Alliance came from:

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