Online Predators - Andrea

It seems as though a lot of people have began to think that predators online no longer exists. Even a study released by Harvard University's Beckman Center for Internet and Society has stated "it is more likely that children will be bullied by their peers than to approached by an adult predator online" in addition this same study also stated that "adult predators appeat to be on the declined." I was surprised at the release of this study, particularly because, it seems that this will allow parents to creep into a false sense of safety that our children are now safe or less likely to be addressed by Online Predators. See this video below and we learn that this study my not be completely correct.

Even our government has realized that something must be done to protect our children. They have started to create programs for internet safety. Even under our current administration, that there will be the nations first appointed chief of technology and it is said that there the subject on online predators will be one of its roles.
Now that we have reconfirmed that Online Predators still exist, we need to make sure that we protect our children from the dangers of it. Here are some key ways that we can protect our children and help our children to protect themselves:

  • Talk to them about the dangers that exist online
  • Monitor their computer use
  • Instruct your kids to tell an adult if they feel threatened or uncomfortable while online
I have a six year old daughter who comes home from Kindergarten all the time saying "STANGER DANGER!" This may be juvenile for the teenagers of today, but it certainly make sense to keep that slogan in mind.

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